Tape Hair Extensions

A Variety of Tape Hair Extensions and Hair Clip Extensions

One popular style of hair extension is the tape hair extensions. These types of extensions are secured to the hair with high-quality hair extension tape that is designed to hold securely to the strands of the existing hair at the base of the scalp. When applied correctly the tape hair extensions will give a natural, more full look and can be easily applied or removed to match the customer's changing fashion tastes or personal styles. Typically, this type of  hair extension can be worn for a week to several weeks depending on the activity level of the customer and exposure to heat and humidity. Both heat and humidity can be a major determining factor for longevity and appearance when it comes to adding hair extensions. The combination of the two may reduce the adhesive properties of the tape, but this is a great option for many who want an easily flexible hairstyle option and who want to add to their already existing hair growth.

Mongolian hair is a balance between the durability of Chinese hair and the versatility and appearance of Indian hair. It is one of the most sought after hair types in the world today and can be found on the Junia's Hair website. Mongolian hair extensions offer the wearer a noticeably luxurious look that is eye-catching and durable without being heavy and flat. It can be styled in many different ways and has a soft, silky texture with noticeable shine and bounce. This is one of the most expensive types of hair extension right now but can be obtained for an affordable price on the website. The hair extensions are crafted from the best quality material and are designed to stand up to the wear and demands put on daily wear. Check out the selection of Mongolian hair extensions on Junia's Hair and try out this hot new style today.

Perhaps one of the most versatile and easy to apply and remove hair extensions is the virgin human  hair clip extensions. They are simply applied with a secure clip that attaches to the existing hair at the base of the scalp underneath the existing hair. This type of hair extension can usually be easily camouflaged into the customers existing hair to add fullness and volume to their natural growth. This type of extension can be added and removed daily or every few days to keep the style fresh and allow for strenuous activity, swimming, or frequent style changes without being time-consuming to apply. This is an ideal option for people who like to occasionally change their current natural style by adding a special touch or making it easier to achieve longer styles without having to change their own natural growth.